Maritime Festival

AUGUST 12-13, 2017
At Britannia Shipyards
Richmond, B.C. Canada
Saturday: 11am-7pm & Sunday: 11am-5pm
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2014 Poster Illustration

2014 Richmond Maritime Festival illustration by Hazel Cheng

The Richmond Maritime Festival is delighted to reveal the 11th annual Richmond Maritime Festival poster illustration created by Steveston resident, Hazel Cheng.

Her depiction of a heron dancing along the boardwalk that leads to a tall ship will be used in a wide range of promotional materials from transit shelter advertising to street banners. The image was inspired by the Britannia Shipyards, National Historic Site and her experiences of the festival where she has volunteered as a face painter.


Hazel, Cheng – Artist Statement:

When I walk along the various locales of Steveston village, I think about how the historical elements in a place influence its growth. It is clear to me that Steveston retains a lot of its past, even as it attempts to evolve into something new. Nature revitalizes the senses when I walk down the boardwalk that stretches along the river. I want to capture the sound of the birds chirping above and the scent of the gentle waters below. Art can be a type of preservation, a fleeting moment captured forever, evoking feelings and memories. By trapping my experiences, I can release these feelings visually for others to enjoy.

In the distance, the fishing fleet rests at the docks, and I remember learning the history of immigrant fishermen who chose Steveston as their home. They walked on wooden planks suspended above the marshland, and that was their highway throughout the village. The boardwalk might have changed since then, but it is still present and I hope it still remains as a connection for the future Steveston. I want to be able to remember the past even though I have never been there. I imagine it is similar to a fairy tale, something that is not really real to me, but it still lives on in books and stories. Through creating art, I hope that everyone can think about what surrounds us and it is always worth following the wooden path.

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