Maritime Festival

JULY 27-28, 2019
At Britannia Shipyards
Richmond, B.C. Canada
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm
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Wooden Horsemen

Garnering critical praise with their folk-laden debut album in 2013, Wooden Horsemen have expanded their sound considerably since embarking on multiple cross-country tours. With the addition of horns and an expanded rhythm section, the group now seamlessly fuses elements of raw blues, soul, gospel and rock. The outcome is a distinctly unique flavor of pop sensible melodies, driven by a pulse for which the band has built its reputation as a must-see live set.

The inspiration for change came from the longing for movement. Early performances as an acoustic trio were beautifully intimate, but the band wanted to expand on the kinetic energy of music. The new sound combines the sincerity of blues and Americana music with rhythms that inspire dancing. The band adopted the phrase “grounded party” as their mission statement, determined to get fans dancing while also providing them with something meaningful and introspective.

The upcoming album ‘Past Lives’ makes a statement of truth without anger, and offers a humble perspective without being pretentious. The core songwriting values of Wooden Horsemen haven’t shifted — instead, their ability to energize a crowd has become a major focus point. This is what makes the band truly special – their ability to deliver soft moments with intense precision as well as rage wildly with collective ease.

The leading track off their 2016 EP ‘Head on a Plate’ has been gaining attention within the college radio circuit and was listed in the Top 20 on CBC’s Radio 3 for four weeks following its release. The past winter also saw the band paired up with award winning filmmaker Darcy Turenne to create a unique video for fan favourite track ‘Be A Friend’. With 2016 nearing a close and a summer packed with multiple BC and Alberta festivals including Rifflandia, JUNOfest, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Sunfest, Tiny Lights, Arts Wells, Golden Sound, and Wapiti among others, the Wooden Horsemen have redefined themselves as a high-energy blues outfit that promises to get the dance floor grooving.

“Sentient, seamlessly muddies Americana rock with Latin and Afro influences. Combine this with elements of psych-funk and folk and you have melting pot of styles that has to be heard to be believed.” - Beatroute BC

“The songs remain embedded in the folk and blues that coloured the band’s 2013 debut album, Wooden Horsemen. But they also exude an open-mindedness, making full use of the now seven-piece studio outfit’s ability to play fun and danceable horn music.” - Georgia Straight

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    Saturday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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